TERA Gameplay

If this is your first time playing TERA, or an MMO for that matter, then this basic gameplay tutorial will give you a crash course on how create and control your new character.

Character Creation

This video shows a sample character creation of a TERA Priest. You will need to choose one of seven TERA Races and one of eight TERA Classes the proceed to customize your character’s look through appearance modifiers. You can also choose her speaking voice.

After you’ve finished the tweaking process, you can edit the character name and start your adventures.

TERA User Interface

Upon entering the world of Arborea, you will see your character and several floating icons, skill bars, chat bars and maps. All these are collectively known as the user interface or UI, which provides you all the information you need to master the TERA gameplay and make your way around the world.

 The basic UI setting is shown above. If you have no idea what an UI element does, refer to the number list below to learn what they are for.

  1. Character Name and Level
  2. Character Class
  3. Health (red) and Mana (blue) Bars
  4. Stamina
  5. Status Icons – shows your current buffs and debuffs
  6. Channel
  7. Compass – here you can check your location relative to teammates, enemies, quest NPCs, gathering nodes and other important interaction points
  8. Quest Tracker – this shows the quests you have undertaken and provides directions on what you should do next
  9. Chat Window – use chat window to read the chatter of friends and random players in the area, plus combat alerts and info when you’re in battle
  10. Menu Bar – from your character profile to your items to your custom graphic options, the menu bar gives you mouseclick access to all of them. Remember that you can also learn the shortctuts listed below to quickly access specific menu tabs.
  11. Skill Bar – your can drag-and-drop the skill icons and also program the keybinds to create a skill system that works for you
  12. Experience Bar
  13. Mini-Map – shows a more detailed drawing of your current location and the surrounding areas, including pathways and points of interest

Aiming and Targeting

TERA gameplay uses a complex but intuitive aiming and targeting system. First, you need to aim the crosshairs on the screen with the enemy (or ally for beneficial skills) to make him a target. Then you need to check the distance of the target to see if your chosen skill will reach. This is most crucial for long-range skills, which can easily be checked when the crosshairs turn into a reticle. You can watch how to aim in this starting character video:

Buffs Sources

Getting a little boost can go a long way. Buffs can come from a lot of sources, but by far the most common two will be from gathering and campfires.


Gathering nodes will be displayed on your map and these often take the form of ores, plants or energy crystals in the game world. When you see these, try to gather the resource to get items and a possible buff. This will given out at random and can range from an attack speed boost to healing amplification.


Campfires are created via items obtained from drops and merchants. Once set up, a campfire will recover stamina and when you’re in a more rested state, your health and mana reserves will temprorarily increase.

You may also use charms on campfires for more specific buffs.

Debuffs Cheat Sheet

When you’re fighting enemies, you will receive a range of debuffs that lower your combat performance. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of the debuffs based on color that will not only be useful for dispeller classes, but also for anyone who wants to keep their character in tip-top shape.

  • Red – Immobilized
  • Green – Weakened
  • Purple – Damage Over Time
  • Blue – General Buff or Debuff (shown here)

Useful Keyboard-and-Mouse Commands

Aside from the basic movement keys of WASD, there are many other keyboard shortcuts that you should be using. Knowing these useful commands will cut down your mouse clicks and increase the time you actually spend playing TERA.

Preset Shortcuts

  • Character Profile – C, P
  • Skills – K
  • Quest Log – L
  • Inventory – B, I
  • Map – M
  • Mini-map – N
  • Friends – U
  • Guild – G
  • Help – H
  • Options – O

Grouping and chatting

  • Y – opens up LFG pick-up system
  • /s  - start chatting in local Province channel to find party mates or ask questions
  • /u – start chatting in LFG channel
  • /invite [playername] – invites the player to your party

User Interface

  • CTRL + Z – hide the UI completely (for uncluttered combat visuals and screenshot taking)
  • Print Screen – takes a screenshot and saves it in your designated screenshots folder

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