Tera Basilisks Guide

Heres the latest featured beast from the Bestiary of Tera Online. A large egg-laying reptilian found in Southern Shara and frequently encountered in the desert wasts though some have sighted a different variety called Basilisk Crag in the Southwestern Arun. A beast known to never fear nature and a driving force destroying most other wildlife in the woods.


  • Name: Basilisk
  • Ecology: Both continents, usually in desert areas
  • Variants: Dusky Basilisk, Ironfang Basilisk, Rockstalker Basilisk, Ravenous Basilisk
  • Attacks: Claw rake, head toss, flaming breath, ranged AoE attack, jumping attack.
  • Defenses: Armored hide makes this beast very difficult to kill.
  • Weaknesses: Slow-moving, attacks slowly.


These beasts are quite placid and easily outrun due to their enormous weight. Even though they are slow, they are harder to kill than they appear. This beast should be brought down by a group rather than a single solo fighter, as they do knock up quite the amount of damage. Basilisks are quite aggressive and will attack anything that creeps within 6 or 7 meters which is different from the basilisk that inhabits the Bestial Vale in Arcadia, which arent to aggressive.

Slow attacking beasts but deal tremendous amounts of damage, especially their leaping attacks which has a very high chance you can get knocked down. Another tactic they use is to leap over and beyond you, minimizing or eliminating themselves from range of all but the longest range counterattacks.

Carefully notice when the basilisk’s eyes are glowing red, this is the time you want to get out of the way to avoid the claw rake and head toss attacks. So keep your distance and play safe, don’t forget to attack in a group because going solo with this creature could mean your doom. Here are more tactics to kill the Basilisk and other Tera monster references.