New TERA Dungeons Revealed Here

At the heard of a great TERA experience is a good dungeon run. With all the action – packed into a game like TERA, their dungeons are no less exciting. The best part about these new and improved dungeons is the lewt!

TERA’s new instance dungeon matcher system helps you to find the right classes or characters such as a healer, tanker, or DPS character to give you that complete team. No more spamming the chat channels to find your party only to find you’ve recruited all the same type of classes. Also the rewards in these new dungeons have been doubled and tripled. As the official site mentions

Do your part, and you might be the proud owner of a Raiment of Nezrakul, Cauterus Axe, or Skysplitter’s Bow.

Bastion of Lok20Ebon Tower58
Sinestral Manor26Ebon Tower (Hard)60*
Cultists' Refuge35Kelsaik's Nest58
Necromancer Tomb41Kelsaik's Nest (Hard)60*
Sigil Adstringo45Labyrinth of Terror58
Golden Labyrinth48Labyrinth of Terror (Hard)60*
Akasha's Hideout48Balder's Temple60
Akasha's Hideout (Hard)48*Balder's Temple (Hard)60*
Ascent of Saravash48Fane of Kaprima60
Saleron's Sky Garden53Fane of Kaprima (Hard)60*
Suryati's Peak56

* Hard mode is intended for well-equipped characters.

Here are the New Dungeon Features

  • New Dugeons: added Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, Suryati’s Peak, Balder’s Temple, and Fane of Kaprim
  • Instance Dungeon Matcher: A automated system that helps you build your perfect party for the dungeon instance
  • Improved Drop Rates: Finish off a TERA boss and get nastier loots
  • Smoother Progression: Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, and Suryati’s Peak have all been re-designed so TERA fans and experience them faster in-game.

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