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Tera Beta Invites: Massive Failure


I’m sure all you wanting to get in the beta testing by pre-ordering the Tera game must have experienced this. En Masse, the store provider for the game Tera Online, said that they were experiencing a “massive systems failure”, thus causing havoc with saving purchases to the hard drives. When purchases weren’t logged, the system did not send out the codes therefore, people were not guaranteed into the beta, leaving a lot of players disappointed.

En Masses released an explanation and solution for this huge problem.

There’s still hope for you out there though as En Masse is manually checking the purchase logs and are manually sending out game codes every 2 hours. The studio guarantees that all purchases will be dealt with and if the system accidentally purchase the copy twice, you will get your full refund. To kill time while waiting, you should watch Tera leveling gameplay and learn some of the strategies so you don’t go into the beta not know what to do.

Most Popular Tera Class You Ask?

Well after the first round of mixed reviews, mostly positive reviews for the First Tera Close Beta Test  – wouldn’t you like to know the most popular combination of Tera Class and Race? Well……. drum-roll……………………………………………..




It was the Female Castanic Warrior

Now here are some more interesting facts. Players that actually got the chance to venture into this first round of CBT, well, 2-thirds of them got their killer by the Basilisk. This just goes to show the unique challenges of this Bis-Ass-Monsters and what strategies they might have to deploy to dodge around and kill this enemy using TERA’s unique skill-based combat system. Skills builds and Tera class info are shown in this all out guide for each class.