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Gifted with sharp eyes and quick reflexes, the TERA Archer class is an expert marksman who can shoot down enemies with startling killing efficiency. Archers are at their most dangerous at a distance, shooting a barrage of arrows that inflict damage and debilitating status effects like poison and slow.

Even when caught in melee range, Archers have plenty of survival tricks up their sleeve. They can leap distances and stun foes to regain enough distance and unleash another volley of shots. They can also set up a variety of immobilizing and exploding traps that help finish off the enemy. If you want to play a highly mobile class who snipes foes to submission, then the Archer is for you. More on TERA Archer

Combat Arsenal

The TERA Archer uses a main weapon Bow, and wears Light Armor.


To play the TERA Archer class effectively, you will need to react fast to enemy movements to stay within shooting range and to evade enemy melee attacks. Every TERA Archer Leveling Guide will also tell you to master the art of kiting – or the tactic of keeping a target at bay while still slinging arrows. This is mandatory skill for every Archer who wants to maximize his damage potential without exposing himself to counterattacks.

Skill List

1ArrowA basic arrow that's strongest at close range.
1BackstepQuickly dodge back out of harm's way.
2Arrow VolleyLock onto and hit several targets with one shot.
4Penetrating ArrowAn arrow that does more damage the longer you charge it, piercing whoever it hits.
6Slow TrapDrags down the movement speed of anyone near it when it goes off.
8Close QuartersBash an enemy with your bow, potentially stunning it.
10Breakaway BoltFire an exploding arrow at your feet, leap clear, and then watch the fireworks.
12RetaliateLeap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
14Rapid FireQuickly fire up to seven arrows off in succession.
15Radiant ArrowA very powerful single shot that does more damage the longer you charge it.
22Poison ArrowShoot an arrow dripping with lethal poison. Does less damage to far-off targets and other players.
24Final SalvoAs a chained skill from Radiant Arrow or Penetrating Arrow, you rapid-fire up to five arrows at whoever's still standing.
26Concussion TrapSet a trap that briefly staggers the victim. The trap lasts for 20 seconds or until triggered.
26Incendiary TrapA magical landmine that blasts anyone near it when it goes off.
30Velik's MarkMark a single opponent and do extra damage whenever you hit it.
38Feign DeathDeceive monsters by pretending to be dead. Resets your aggro and buys you some breathing space.
42Web ArrowTangle your targets, slowing them down.
48Sniper's EyeSlow down your attacks but greatly increase their damage, especially against other players.
54Restraining ArrowDrag down your opponent's speed and do damage at the same time.
58Rain of ArrowsExactly what it sounds like. Anyone in the area better have a steel umbrella.

Skill Strategies

Given these tentative skills, the TERA Archer class starts as a basic single-target shooter who evolves to an area range specialist with amazing battlefield control through the use of multiple slows, and amazing burst from chaining skills, marks and traps.

Early Game

Archers begin with a wide arsenal of arrow skills that train him how to deal sustained damage a combination of instant (Rapid Fire) and charged shots (Penetrating Arrow, Radiant Arrow), and how to also dish out the pain when caught in close-range combat through skills like Close Quarters. Aside from offensive tricks, Archers are also given evasive maneuvers that help then regain distance and resume raining arrows on would-be assailants.

Mid Game

By the level twenties and thirties, Archers start to expand their chained skills and status ailments. It is assumed that those piloting the class have gotten used to the basic run-and-shoot tactics of Archers, and can jam in more skill combos. For instance, the Final Salvo skill becomes a great finisher to a well-charged Radiant Arrow or Penetrating Arrow. A couple of new traps also introduce to Archers the idea of battlefield positioning, since these can either punish enemies who attempt to chase down archers (Incendiary Trap) or stagger a foe and allow for an arrow barrage (Concussion Trap).

End Game

At the highest levels, the Archer gains ahold of clutch survival and damage amplification skills. The best Archers will be able to know the exact time to use a Feign Death and Web Arrow to escape certain death in PvE, or when to open with a Sniper’s Eye to score a kill. The class also receives a powerful area attack that can swing the tides of battle in both raiding and PvP. These endgame skills offer the best chance of survival and damage output for Archers – assuming the player masters their use.


Known Glyphs

Starting at level 20, glyphs can be applied to customize the skills of your TERA Archer. The complete TERA Archer Guide available at launch will have a more comprehensive list, but scan through this partial selection to get some early ideas on how to customize your Archer:

Slick Penetrating ArrowYou can charge your Penetrating Arrow skill and still move at full speed.
Energetic Breakaway BoltYour Breakaway Bolt skill's cooldown time decreases.
Lingering Poison ArrowIncreases the duration of your Poison Arrow skill tremendously.
Persistent Close QuartersWhen you use Close Quarters, there's a chance it will have no cooldown time.
Spirited Rapid FireIf you hit your target with Rapid Fire, there's a chance your mana regeneration will increase.
Fleetfooted Breakaway BoltWhen you use Breakaway Bolt, there's a good chance it boosts your movement speed.
Blazing Final SalvoIf you chain to it from Final Salvo, your Penetrating Arrow skill will charge a lot faster.
Empowered Incendiary TrapYour Incendiary Trap does more damage.
Lingering Slow TrapYour Slow Trap impedes affected targets a lot longer.
Piercing ArrowYour basic Arrow skill has a chance of doing double damage each hit.

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