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The TERA Lancer class is a defensive specialist who protects allies with his shield and skewers foes with his lance. Patterned after a noble jousting knight, the Lancer serves as an excellent tank against bosses and a vanguard for more vulnerable teammates. Their extreme endurance helps them survive from the most punishing combos, making them virtually unkillable with healer support.

While Lancers are best known for their role as front-line guards, there is more to them than that. Seasoned veterans of the class can use their powerful harpoon and charge skills to clamp down on escaping targets. Their damage is nothing to scoff at, either, using pinpoint weapon thrusts and counterattacks to strike at their opponents’ most vulnerable points. More on TERA Lancer

Combat Arsenal

The TERA Lancer uses the main weapons Lance and Shield, and wears Plate Armor.


Those who like the idea of protecting others and charging into thick of combat will like the Lancer playstyle. You will spend most fights either blocking attacks, retaliating, or ensuring that allies are left alone to do what they do best. Because of your stellar support skills and decent damage, most teams will welcome your presence, especially when taking on hard-hitting bosses and dangerous mob packs.

Skill List

1Combo AttackA series of strikes that escalate in damage and charge up your mana.
1Stand FastBlock frontal attacks with your shield for as long as you hold down the key. Better gear blocks more damage. Allies behind you also get damage reduction.
2Shield BarrageMove forward, battering targets with your shield. Repeat the attack for a chance to stun them.
4Spring AttackLeap at your foe and strike a hard blow. You can quickly launch this skill right after Shield Bash, Shield Barrage, or the fourth consecutive hit of Combo Attack.
6Shield BashBriefly stun one or more foes.
8Charging LungeCharge a short distance and impale your target.
12RetaliateLeap to your feet while attacking your target if you're knocked down.
14Second WindInstantly replenish some of your health.
18Challenging ShoutDraw the attention of enemies nearby, as well as some aggro.
20OnslaughtRush your foe in a series of lunges. While lunging, you're steadier on your feet and take half damage.
22Guardian ShoutYour courage massively boosts your party's endurance. Does not apply to you, and ends if you are knocked down.
26Shield CounterGain a chance to shield-thump your foe while using the Stand Fast skill. You can't be knocked down or immobilized, and take half damage while using the skill.
26LeashThrow a magical hook and chain that drags an enemy toward you. Won't work on huge opponents.
28DebilitateBriefly drain the endurance of your foes. Stacks up to three times.
32Menacing WaveBlast a wave that slows the movement and attacks of nearby enemies.
36Iron WillYou absorb damage through sheer willpower, consuming mana to soak damage.
42Master's LeashThrow another hook to pull the target nearer. You can use this skill only after using Leash.
46Lockdown BlowDeliver a crippling attack, hampering your target's movement.
50InfuriateInfuriate all nearby monsters and max out your aggro.
56Pledge of ProtectionAbsorb damage done to other group members around you taking it on yourself. Your defense determines how much damage you take.
58Adrenaline RushSpeed up your attacks to move in for the kill.

Skill Strategies

The TERA Lancer boasts of an almost impenetrable defense. After successfully blocking an attack, a Lancer can choose to launch a vicious counterattack that damages foes or leaves them crippled. TERA Lancer Leveling Guide recommend to lock on to targets with hook skills, never letting up until the foe is eventually defeated by attacks of other party members or the Lancer’s own precision strikes.

Early Game

From the get-go, Lancers are trained to hold their ground and limit incoming damage through the basic shield skill Stand Fast. Timing this right affords the Lancer a chance to launch his own offensive via Combo Attack, Shield Barrage, Shield Bash and Spring Attack. Players also begin to grasp the full power of their support skills, whether it’s in boosting party endurance (Guardian Shout) or luring enemies away from friends (Challenging Shout).

Mid Game

The Lancer will buff up his ability to control enemy positioning (Leash) and last longer in battle (Iron Will). The class will also obtain offensive debuffs like Debilitate, which drain foe endurance, and Menacing Wave, which slows movements and attacks. These prepare the Lancer for his primary role as a a party tank. But more damage-focused Lancers will be glad to know that the class receives an additional skill to add to their combo link with Shield Counter.

End Game

Here the Lancer matures into an ironclad sentinel. He basically doubles up on his major cooldowns – from harpoon-type skills (Master’s Leash) to aggro diversions (Infuriate) to party damage absorbs (Pledge of Protection) for those rare times when enemies do manage to slip through his defensive wall. He also gains additional tools for disabling melee opponents with the crippling Lockdown Blow and the ultimate attack finisher, Adrenaline Rush.


Known Glyphs

Starting at level 20, glyphs can be applied to customize the skills of your TERA Lancer. The complete TERA Lancer Guide available at launch will have a more comprehensive list, but scan through the list to get some early ideas on how to customize your Lancer:

Energetic Charging LungeSpeeds the cooldown of your Charging Lunge.
Energetic Second WindReduces the skill's cooldown, so you can recover more quickly.
Lingering DebilitateYour enemies are weakened by Debilitate even longer.
Longshot LeashIncreases the range of your Leash skill.
Threatening Challenging ShoutYour Challenging Shout draws even more enemy attention.
Threatening Combo AttackYour basic attack draws even more aggro.
Threating Shield CounterAdd insult to injury, and generate more aggro with your Shield Counter skill.

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