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At first glance, the TERA Mystic class is a conundrum. Is she a pet class that relies on creatures to fight her battles? Or is she a status effect specialist that hands out mass debuffs to foes and buffs to allies? Or is she perhaps an indispensable pocket healer and dispeller for when a Priest is not around?

Truth is, the Mystic is all these and more. She has no singular defining power, role or playstyle. But this is her ultimate strength rather than weakness. With her wide-ranging arcane powers, the Mystic is the most versatile support class with access to multiple offensive, defensive, control and healing skills, which she can wield with equal competence. More on TERA Mystic

Combat Arsenal

The TERA Mystic uses a main weapon Scepter, and wears Robes Armor.


Mystics dabble in all kinds of magic, and players will have to learn when to use each of her skills. This can be a challenge since a Mystic will unlock more than three dozens skills – more than any other TERA class.

Playing the Mystic might demand a bit more training or TERA Mystic Leveling Guide, but the payoffs are more than worth it. Expert Mystics can essentially play five classes at once – a pet-based tank, a buffer, a debuffer, a healer, and a damage dealer. No other class promises this level of versatility and utility in team play. And as a bonus, Mystics promise to be one of the easier solo leveling classes due to their self-sufficient skill pool.

Skill List

1Sharan BoltUnleash a bolt of disruptive Sharan energy at a target.
1Arun's VitaeGather Arunic power into a mote that, when picked up, restores health and removes all harmful effects.
2Mana InfusionReplenishes your mana for several seconds.
2Metamorphic BlastProject a cone of energy that damages nearby enemies.
4Thrall of ProtectionSummon a Thrall of Protection that draws aggro from monsters and makes melee attacks.
6Metamorphic SmiteBlast any enemies directly in front of you.
8Teleport JauntTeleport a short distance in the direction the camera faces.
10Corruption RingDrain health from targets nearby, storing it as spiritual energy. After you cast Corruption Ring, it becomes Infusion Ring. Cast Infusion Ring to release the stored energy as mana for you and your party.
12RetaliateLeap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
12Thrall of VengeanceSummon a Thrall of Vengeance that makes ranged attacks against your enemies.
14Volley of CursesLock onto your target and inflict a curse that does constant damage. Effect stacks up to three times.
14Sonorous DreamsLock onto your foes and put them briefly to sleep.
16Arun's Cleansing TouchSelect your allies and purge all harmful effects from them.
16Thrall of LifeSummon a Thrall of Life that heals you and removes harmful effects.
18Titanic FavorImmediately heal allies you select, then heal them further over time.
18ResurrectRestore life to a nearby dead party member.
20Aura of the SwiftAn aura emanates from you that increases group members' movement speed.
22Summon: PartyTeleport any of your group members within the same province to your side.
24RegressionRemove all beneficial effects on nearby enemies.
26Aura of the UnyieldingEnergy pours into you and nearby party members, increasing your strength.
26Titanic WrathAn aura emanates from you, greatly increasing group members' resistance to critical hits.
28Arun's TearsGather Arunic power into a mote that, when picked up, instantly restores a large quantity of mana.
32MireSelect several targets and cripple their movement.
36Aura of the TenaciousAn aura emanates from you, restoring mana to your nearby group members.
38Thrall of WrathSummon a Thrall of Wrath armed with a powerful area attack.
42Ancient BindingHurl a magical bolt that slows down its target.
42Vow of RebirthForm a bond between you and one group member, who will now resurrect if killed.
46Curse of ExhaustionSelect and curse enemies, increasing their cooldown times for all their skills by 20%.
50Aura of the MercilessAn aura emanates from you, doubling the critical hit rate of group members.
50Shara's LashCast a caustic bolt of Sharan energy that explodes at range or on contact, briefly stunning foes.
56Curse of ConfusionSelect several enemies and terrify them into running away.

Skill Strategies

Based on her skills, it’s easy to mistake the TERA Mystic as a one-person army. While the Mystic does well enough going solo, she becomes even better when paired up with other players. She can slip into a backline support role when paired with a Berserker and Lancer, or control the frontline for her Sorceror and Priest allies.

Early Game

The Mystic receives around half of her skills before level 20. This was intentional, since Mystics need to explore their versatility early on. You will often be switching between attacking (Sharan Bolt, Metamorphic Blast), casting damage-over-time spells and sleep debuffs (Volley of Curses, Sonorous Dreams) and healing yourself and allies (Arun’s Vitae, Titanic Favor). You will also unlock three Thrall pets, among which you can choose depending on the fight at hand – there is the Thrall of Protection tank, the Thrall of Vengeance DPS, and the Thrall of Life healer.

Mid Game

After the deluge of offensive and defensive skills, Mystics begin receiving more powerful, but situational control skills. Swaths of foes will succumb to the movement-crippling Mire skill, while allies will bask in strength buffs (Aura of the Unyielding), mana refills (Arun’s Tears, Aura of the Tenacious) and improved critical hit resistance (Titanic Wrath). Mystics also get their an offensive dispel, Regression, for those buff-happy enemies. The Mystic at this stage has almost all the tools to react to any battle situation.

End Game

The final skills of the TERA Mystic focus on crowd control and game-saving cooldowns. She will be able to inflict slows with Ancient Binding, cooldown increases with Curse of Exhaustion, stuns with Shara’s Lash and a mass terrify with Curse of Confusion. For tough boss fights, she can activate the Aura of the Merciless that doubles the critical hit rate of her party, and even prevent a wipe by casting a Vow of Rebirth that auto-resurrect that critical party member killed in combat. These additions make the Mystic the critical support pillar to any team configuration, whether in PvE or PvP.


Known Glyphs

Starting at level 20, glyphs can be applied to customize the skills of your TERA Mystic. The complete TERA Mystic Guide available at launch will have a more comprehensive list, but scan through the list to get some early ideas on how to customize your Mystic:

Brilliant Sonorous DreamsSonorous Dreams costs less mana to cast.
Empowered Sharan BoltYour Sharan Bolt does more damage.
Energetic Metamorphic SmiteSpeeds up the cooldown of your Metamorphic Smite.
Fortified Thrall of ProtectionStrengthens the armor of your Thrall of Protection pet.
Hastened Mana InfusionMana infusion restores your mana more quickly.
Influential Metamorphic SmiteYou can chain-cast Metamorphic Blast for less mana.
Lingering Volley of CursesYour curse hangs on your enemies even longer.
Multiplicative Arun's CleansingIncreases the number of targets so you can help more of your friends.
Persistent Teleport JauntAdds a chance to refresh the cooldown of Teleport Jaunt when you cast it.
Trebling Corruption RingHugely increases your resistance to knockdown and immobility.

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