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Swing fast, wide and hard – this sums up the frenzied fighting style of the Slayer. The sight alone of their massive greatsword strikes fear in the hearts of enemies, but the terror only intensifies when watching the Slayer wield the blade like a destructive tornado.

Slayers can cut through swaths of mobs with ease, and can dash around the battlefield to evade counterattacks. Their superior mobility also allows them to get behind enemies, dealing even higher damage while drawing lower aggro. If foes decide to gang up on a Slayer, the class can unleash circular attacks that can finish off the wounded or at least inflict a huge chunk of damage. More on TERA Slayer

Combat Arsenal

The TERA Slayer uses a main weapon Greatsword, and wears Leather Armor


The TERA Slayer is a fast-paced class. If you want to be always on the move, chaining keybinds to rack up the highest damage in the fastest timeframe possible, then this super aggressive class is for you. Slayers are also expected to be instinctive, creating new combo attacks that take advantage of enemy vulnerabilities. As a leather armor class in the front lines, Slayers are also more susceptible to damage, so it is crucial for them to master evasive maneuvers and cooldowns.

Skill List

1Combo AttackStrike one or more targets in front of you, and gain mana (and do more damage) with each hit.
1Evasive RollDodge forward past your enemy.
2WhirlwindSpin with your sword, hitting any enemies in reach.
4Knockdown StrikeBowl your enemy over with a mighty swing of your sword.
8Headlong RushCharge forward, and make your next attack with much greater speed while the adrenaline lasts.
10Triumphant ShoutStoke your spirits, restoring mana and retaining it for longer than usual.
12RetaliateAfter being knocked down, leap to your feet while attacking your target.
16Overhand StrikeSwing downward for a massive blow. You swing faster if you use this right after one of your other melee attacks.
18Startling KickBatter and briefly stun your target with a kick, then leap backward.
20TenacityCall on your inner reserves to instantly recover some mana.
22Distant BladeStrike at a target nearby up to three times with a magic extension of your sword.
24Leaping StrikePounce on your foe and smash downward. If the target had been knocked down, you do massive bonus damage.
26Stunning BackhandBatter your foes with the flat of your sword, briefly stunning them.
30Fury StrikeLash out with your sword; the lower your health, the greater the damage.
32DashTemporarily increase your movement speed.
38Heart ThrustStep forward, driving your blade into any enemies in front of you.
44Exhausting BlowStrike a painful blow that slows other players' reactions by increasing their skill cooldowns.
50OverpowerGather your might for a decisive blow on your next attack.
56BackstabSprint in and make a lethal, immobilizing thrust to your target's back.
58In Cold BloodSummon greater strength. Does bonus damage against other players.

Skill Strategies

Slayers thrive on action, activating skills one after another in a seemingly endless series of strikes. The very best TERA Slayer Leveling Guide can adapt their combo sequence based on the enemy condition or movement. Mana management is also a key cornerstone to the Slayer playstyle, since their damage depends on sustaining an uninterrupted sequence of cuts, thrusts and strikes.

Early Game

The TERA Slayer will start off learning how to pull off combo chains that seem to go on forever. They can open with a Headlong Rush then throw in several combo attacks with the occasional Overhand Strike and Knockdown Strike to keep the pressure up. Enemies who survive this initial sequence of attacks and hope that the Slayer has run out of gas will be disappointed, since the class can use mana recovery skills such as Tenacity and Triumphant Shout to repeat the onslaught. Slayers would also do well to learn how to properly use the Evasive Roll to get behind an enemy and deal more damage.

Mid Game

Slayers gradually expand their combo rotations depending on the enemy at hand. The Distant Blade and Heart Thrust skills should dispatch pack mobs quickly. Meanwhile, targets vulnerable to knockdown also receive a brutal beating with the Leaping Strike that smashes harder when delivered after a Knockdown Strike. And for thick-skinned bosses, Slayers receive the Fury Strike finisher that deals more damage the less health the target has.

End Game

The final levels of the Slayer might only unlock four skills, but each one is decidedly powerful. All enemies caught in the Slayer’s Exhausting Blow attack will receive cooldown penalties that hamstring all classes, delaying healing and reducing counterattacks. Overpower power ups the next skill, allowing for devastating mass skills or single-target blows, including the lethal Backstab strike. Add to this the strength buff from In Cold Blood and the endgame Slayer promises to wreak havoc to all that cross its whirlwind path.


Known Glyphs

Starting at level 20, glyphs can be applied to customize the skills of your TERA Sorceror. The complete TERA Slayer Guide available at launch will have a more comprehensive list, but scan through the list to get some early ideas on how to customize your Slayer:

Brilliant Leaping StrikeYour Leaping Strike costs less to use.
Empowered Knockdown StrikeYour Knockdown Strike does extra damage.
Energetic TenacityReduces the cooldown of your Tenacity skill.
Fleetfooted Evasive RollGain a chance of raising your movement speed whenever you use Evasive Roll.
Grounded Triumphant ShoutFortifies your endurance.
Lingering Startling KickEnemies hit by Startling Kick stay stunned longer.
Persistent Evasive RollYour Evasive Roll gains a chance to refresh immediately upon use.
Powerlinked Knockdown StrikeSubstantially increases the damage of your Whirlwind skill when used after Knockdown Strike.
Restorative Overhand StrikeRecover some health whenever you use Overhand Strike.
Spirited Triumphant ShoutYour Triumphant Shout regenerates more mana than usual.

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