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The TERA Sorcerer is an arcane devastator who relishes bombarding foes with fire and ice spells. Their potent offensive magic can decimate groups of weak mobs, or can be focused on larger foes for tremendous burst. Few can rival the sheer damage output of a Sorcerer when left alone to unleash his most powerful skills.

Sorcerers assume the role of a magical artillery class, but can also switch to a secondary role – a mass debuff specialist. They can paralyze, freeze and slow down targets with well-placed traps and well-timed casts. These debilitating effects serve equally well in offensive or defensive situations, buying time for the TERA Sorcerer to resume his elemental barrage. More on TERA Sorcerer

Combat Arsenal

The TERA Sorcerer uses a main weapon Disc, and wears Robes Armor.


Sorcerers play most like the traditional wizard class, capable of tremendous magical damage but relatively more vulnerable to direct attacks. Their support traps and debuffs, when timed well, can disable attackers long enough for the Sorcerer to finish off his foes, but these require a bit of practice to master.

TERA Sorcerer Leveling Guide informs that the sorcerer is mainly a ranged damage-dealing class, and a powerful one at that. If you like seeing targets fall to ground under the weight of your magical might, and don’t mind the responsibilities and perils of being the party’s glass cannon, then the Sorcerer is for you.

Skill List

1FireballShoot a fireball at a target, doing more damage if the target is nearby.
1Flame PillarSummon a column of flame directly in front of you that burns any enemies within it.
2Mana InfusionReplenishes some of your mana over several seconds.
2BackstepTake quick steps backward and out of harm's way.
4Magma BombArc a fiery projectile several meters away, where it explodes, damaging anyone nearby.
6Painful TrapSet a trap that explodes in all directions when stepped on. Trap lasts ten seconds.
8Time GyreFreezes any targets you lock onto in place and prevents players from dodging or teleporting.
10Ice NeedleLaunch an ice shard that briefly slows the movement speed of each target it pierces.
12RetaliateLeap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
14PainblastSeveral targets within a circle several meters in front of you writhe in agony and take damage for several seconds. This skill inflicts less damage on other players.
14Mana SiphonCharge up and absorb mana from the targeted nearby foe.
16Glacial RetreatFreeze the ground before you as you leap backward, damaging and briefly decreasing the movement speed of those nearby.
18Arcane PulseYou charge up a slow-moving but deadly energy ball that plows through multiple enemies inflicting damage.
20Flaming BarrageLock onto several nearby foes and un-erringly fire bolts of white-hot flame at them.
22Teleport JauntTeleport a short distance in the direction the camera faces.
24MindblastBriefly put to sleep any targets in a circle centered several meters in front of you.
26FireblastBlast any targets in a large flaming circle a few meters in front of you.
28Lightning TrapSet a trap with a ten-second duration that briefly paralyzes anyone in its area of effect.
32OverchannelYour next attack within a few seconds does more damage.
36Void PulseLaunch a powerful sphere at a single target.
40Mana BarrierCast a magical shield that absorbs up to a fixed amount of damage, burning mana to do so.
44Burning BreathAn ember of energy locks onto and drills into targets, burning them slowly. This skill does less damage to other players.
48Burst of CelerityYour attack speed increases briefly.
52Hail StormSummons an ice storm in front of you that damages and progressively slows everyone within it.
56Nerve ExhaustionLock onto and hex nearby players so that they can't use the basic attacks that recharge their mana.
58Mana VolleyThe target players you lock onto slowly bleed mana, which you drink in.

Skill Strategies

The TERA Sorcerer is a mass annihilating machine, with most of their skills targeting a group of mobs or an area of effect. Sorcerers can blast away weak enemies with their starting salvo of spells, but tougher foes will require the added finesse of using mana refresh cooldowns and damage amplification combos.

Early Game

How to cause destruction and mayhem are the first lessons taught to a budding Sorcerer. The initial batch of skills introduces the three main elements which the Sorcerer wields in battle. Fire skills focus on dealing sheer damage to both single targets (Fireball) and mob groups (Flame Pillar, Flaming Barrage, Magma Bomb). Ice skills slow down or outright freeze enemies, and buys time for the Sorcerer to escape direct assaults. And Arcane skills offer situational mass attacks (Arcane Pulse) and mana replenishing skills (Mana Infusion, Mana Siphon).

Mid Game

By now the Sorcerer has figured out that his blistering damage can draw aggro, and luckily he receives more crowd control skills like the sleep-inducing Mindblast and paralyzing Lightning Trap. Sorcerers also unlock the critical Mana Barrier that helps them switch to defensive mode by absorbing damage in exchange for mana. On offense, they begin learning chaining powerful combos like casting Amplify to boost powerful finishers like Void Pulse or Fireblast.

End Game

The Sorcerer expands his combat utility and longevity at the highest levels. Aside from churning out hardcore damage, he can also subdue unruly foes, especially in tougher fights that cannot be finished with a fast-and-furious AoEs. The Hail Storm locks down a whole area with Nerve Exhaustion being its PvP equivalent. But expect a big jump in burst as Burst of Celerity speeds up your casting speed (for those nail biter fights) and the mass DoT of Burning Breath.


Known Glyphs

Starting at level 20, glyphs can be applied to customize the skills of your TERA Sorcerer. The complete TERA Sorcerer Guide available at launch will have a more comprehensive list, but scan through the list to get some early ideas on how to customize your Sorcerer:

Longshot FireballIncreases the range of your Fireball spell.
Spirited Mana InfusionYour Mana Infusion replenishes more of your mana.
Numbing Ice NeedleYour Ice Needle skill slows its targets even more than normal.
Multiplicative Time GyreCapture even more targets in your Time Gyre skill.
Lingering Ice NeedleWhen your Ice Needle skill slows a target, the chill lasts even longer.
Lingering Glacial RetreatYour Glacial Retreat skill slows your opponents down even longer.
Numbing PainblastAdds a chance that your Painblast skill may slow the movement speed of those it hits.
Shared FireblastIf your Fireblast skill hits more than one target, it does bonus damage.
Hastened FireblastCast your powerful Fireblast spell faster.

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