Review of Killer Guides’ TERA Guide

When it comes down to game guides, it’s always the question if the product lives up to the hype. I’ve seen plenty of so-called strategy guides over the years come and go, with sleek looking sales pages only to see that the actual guide is some hastily thrown together Word document with a bunch of […]

Tera and ESO, Which One Is Better Action RPG?

With the Elder Scroll Online soon to be released, there is an argument between gamers about which one is going to be a better action based MMORPG between Tera Online and combat in the Elder Scrolls Online? Tera is known to be one of the best action based MMORPG out there. Not only being a […]

TERA Launch Schedule

The official launch date is getting closer and closer. If you have not pre-ordered the game, do so now and you will get early access on April 28, 2012. If you’ve already got the game, here’s an early chance for you to reserve your favorite character name. Here is the full complete TERA Launch Schedule […]

Tera Guide to Classes

Yet another beautiful Tera Gameplay video showing all the classes. This game is starting to shape up to be quite the mmorpg with a true and unique combat system. More in-depth guide to Tera classes here.

Tera Guide: Bastion Of Lok Full Gameplay & Strategies

Here’s some preliminary info on Tera and some Tera strategies. Just came across this amazing walkthrough video made by Zach Sharpes. He shows a full walkthrough of one of the first dungeons in Tera Online called Bastion Of Lok, a level 20 dungeon which requires the holy grouping trinity. The whole dungeon will take about […]

Tera Closed Beta Test 4 (CBT4)

The fourth Tera closed beta is starting this Friday! They will be deploying a new patch which will be available on March 21 at 3:00 PM PDT for 2 hours. During this time, Tera gamers will not be able to patch and they also state that this isn’t a long term solution and are working […]

Tera Guide: Dungeon Video Series: Temple of Temerity

The famous Tera Dungeo Video Series is back with a third installment and this time around, the video features the Temple of Temerity. This is a timed event instance where you as heroes must safeguard a relic from an incoming wave of monsters that are looking at every possible way to destroy it. If you […]