TERA Races

When you choose to play the MMORPG, TERA Online, you will have the option to customize your toon and pick one of seven unique TERA races. All the TERA Races offer a unique storyline, history and combat racials. The one thing that all six of these TERA races share in common is the fact that they are part of the Valkyron Federation. All of the TERA races are leading the way into a new era and fighting for their survival. What TERA Online race will you choose?

One of the TERA Classes is the Amani. The Amani are descendants of the dragons and are fierce fighters. The Amani come from a long line of slaves and have spent centuries in servitude to the giants. The Amani race makes great front line battle characters. The Barakas are another race and are related to the giants. The Barakas make great magical classes choices as they are gentle and have knowledge of the magical elements. Humans are also a choice for a TERA Online race. Humans were created by Gidd, who is a God in TERA. The human race is fighting to see a new world where all races can live together without war. Humans have many different characteristic that allow this choice of a race to be good for many different classes.

One of the TERA Online races that is viewed with a bit of suspicion is the Castanics. The Castanics are clever and skilled, but also tend to be hot tempered and very opportunistic. The race as a whole is famous for their skills as crafters and artisans. They have their own dark code of honor but are committed to finding a new world. Then we have the High Elves, who are from a long line of elves who fled and lived in solitude for 100 years. While the High Elves have changed their mysterious ways, many people still do not trust them. The final race is the Poporis. The Poporis are tiny animal like creatures who are guardians of nature’s balance. These creatures balance the nature spirits and use nature to guide them on their journey.

All of these TERA Online races will provide the player with unique and enriching game play. So choose your race wisely, as once your race is chosen, it cannot be changed. It’s also a good idea to read up on the many Tera Online guides made available by various gaming communities before deciding on a race and class.