Tera Elin


While looks can deceiving with the child-like Elins, who are in truth ancient spirits in corporeal form, their adamant protection of Nature should be taken at face value. Nothing is more important for the Elins than to care for and restore Nature in the name of the goddess Elinu. Their petite physique gives each Elin a lethal quickness and agility, which they use ruthlessly in combat against their enemies, namely the alien destructive race known as the Argons. More information on TERA Elin


The Elins came to being from the essence of the goddess Elinu. Their divine manifestation as young girls represented her innocent desire for unblemished beauty and lasting peace. Led by a queen, the sentient Elins moved to impose the will of the goddess and learned to use their spark to give life to other spirits known as Poporis, who have since helped them in their sacred task.

Elin Relations and Conflicts

Elins are deeply linked to the Poporis and are united in preserving the natural order and beauty of the world. This sometimes puts them at odds with other races who view nature and its resources as a means to an end. Still, the Elin’s alarm over the Argon invasion is shared by the rest of the Valkyon Federation, and both sides have united to thwart its destructive advance.

Capital City: Pora Elinu

The enclave of Pora Elinu is nestled inside the trunk of a giant tree. All kinds of flora, fauna and natural spirits reside in Pora Elinu, amid scenic landscapes of lakes and forests. The Elin queen holds court in the idyllic capital, but she rallies her Elin and Popori troops to the front line when needed.

Racial Traits (Tentative)

Velik’s Horn
Any Elin of sufficient level can teleport at will to Velika, the federation’s capital. 1 hour cooldown.

Soothing Presence
If they move slowly and carefully, Elins can sneak by monsters. 1 hour cooldown.

Horizon Run
Elins hate to waste time, and can speed up their movement out of combat. 30 minute cooldown.

Their tight connection to nature helps Elins to gather plant resources faster than other races.

Friendly Current
Elins are at home in water, and faster than other races.

More information on TERA Elin