Tera Guide to Classes

Yet another beautiful Tera Gameplay video showing all the classes. This game is starting to shape up to be quite the mmorpg with a true and unique combat system. More in-depth guide to Tera classes here.

Tera Guide: Bastion Of Lok Full Gameplay & Strategies

Here’s some preliminary info on Tera and some Tera strategies. Just came across this amazing walkthrough video made by Zach Sharpes. He shows a full walkthrough of one of the first dungeons in Tera Online called Bastion Of Lok, a level 20 dungeon which requires the holy grouping trinity. The whole dungeon will take about […]

Tera Guide to Big Ass Monsters (BAM)

Tera is known for having some ‘Big Ass Monsters’, so we thought we’d show some actual combat gameplay for all your Tera addicts. This gameplay footage is from TERA US CBT3 that just finished awhile ago. Strategies for defeating other BAMs are shown here.

E3 Tera Online Trailer

Fresh off the shelf of E3 Expo 2010 comes the new demo video from TERA’s press demonstration delivered by Producer Sam Kim and Associate Producer Stefan Ramirez. If you’re all excited about the game of TERA, head on over and get yourself a copy of these unlimited Tera leveling strategies before anyone.